Why I Need To Be Grateful

“It is easy to recognise your blessings when you are grateful rather than when you are complaining.”

The past few days have been eye opening for me. Its true taking some time away from the noise gives you an opportunity to look at things differently. The noise around you has the ability to influence your reactions and actions. It is easy for you, to lose yourself and never know that you did. It is in the silence that you get to truly listen to yourself and that is what I have been doing, listening.

If there is anything that I was accused of last year that bothered me was the fact that certain people in my life believed that I was ungrateful. Am not one to take critics too seriously but when the criticism comes from a close source, then it is time to check whether it is true. On my quest to find out whether, this is true I have realised that am truly blessed. For that I thank God, I am literally surrounded by the most amazing people in the world. Good people, that keep up with me. Trust me, am not an easy person to be around.

I have realised that being grateful or having a heart of gratitude makes you see things clearer. Complaining is easy and that is what a majority of people will do, including me! Being grateful, requires one to understand that they are not entitled to the things that they are freely getting. Trust me, this is difficult. We live in a world that tells us that we deserve everything that we get. A world that tells us, that more is always better so being grateful for little is not popular and it is not easy. It requires the strength to be able to see, good things when the circumstances offer you genuine reasons to complain.

I have a lot to be grateful for and this attitude has given me a new perspective of things. I agree, I am not grateful but that is about to change.


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